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Decolonization Of The African Mind

It is not an easy situation to which I’m introducing this topic but, a landscape which has been captured by racism and interrogated by the Unknown; this is the reason why the black mind has been imprisoned, causing the destruction of black cultural-heritage which has led the black innovative mind into complete captivity and catastrophe.

According to the Marian Webster Dictionary, Decolonization has been defined as the change colonized countries go through when they become politically independent from their former colonizers.  Strategically under this topic, Decolonization is also defined as the many changes which the human mind goes through after having a negative and reddish ideology about a situation.

The term decolonization is popular among activists of color, yet loaded and hard to pin down. As our attentions has been drawn to changing the minds of Africans, it is important to act as in a place of a warrior in conquering our lost society (Africa). Africa must admit that she indeed lives in a tragic continent.

However, decolonization is not merely a matter of political independence, structures of government and other institutions, the way in which a country is economically organized, as well as the way in which former colonial subjects were encouraged to think are often still determined by the said former colonial powers in post-colonial countries, as a result, the economic and cultural power have now turned into mere chaff.

It is now time that Africans follow their own lifestyle and embrace their cultural-heritage rather than copying the tradition of others.

Africa is the only continent in the world where we embrace the cultures and acts of other continents and yet so willingly disperse with our own; this is unprecedented in modern day civilization.

Africans have adapted a wrong philosophy which implies in short that success is achieved from abroad or out of Africa, this is the chief reason why when a person leaves the west eddies, he/she is treated with much more respect and honor.

I can vividly record those days when agriculture was the back bone of Africa, I can also remember when morality was our daily breakfast and our vernacular was the best tone that sounded pleasant to our ears, but I can sorrowfully say that, there’s none left, all that we currently have is, memories and fake histories made our own.

Our minds have been corrupted, our historical deviance’s have been squandered and now we have no story, not even a song of that of a bird.

Therefore, to claim that the colonial project stops having an impact on the newly decolonized generation and it’s descendants is wrong and naive. It is important to understand just how deeply the colonial project affected those generations and their descendants.

In order to overcome the legacy of colonialism, it’s therefore necessary to also decolonize the intellectual landscape of the continent and ultimately decolonize the minds of the formerly colonized.

Notwithstanding, hereinafter are some of the steps involved in the Decolonization of the African mind;


Firstly, decolonization involves the process of Recovery.

The foundation for the eventual decolonization of the society, and those who have suffered the consequences of colonialism tend to question their assumed place as inferior to the dominant culture.

One must therefore begin to rediscover their indigenous history and recover lost aspects of their culture such as; language and tradition.

Secondly, mourning is the time when the people are able to lament their victimization.

Some victimization include Slavery, Civil crisis, Abuse of Power, Abuse of human rights and the list is goes on and on.

Additionally, decolonization also involves the vital task of dreaming.

Dreaming is arguably the most crucial part in the cog process of decolonization, it is a stage in which the full panorama of possibilities are expressed and considered through debate, consultation, and building dreams on further dreams which eventually becomes a floor and platform for the creation of a new social order.

This restructuring involves reassessment of existing institutional power structures and expanding world for all nations.

Moreover, committing to your dreams and making them become a reality is also cardinal on the list.

Africans need to commit themselves to their continent and stand for her unity and justice.

Finally, Action is one of the stages of decolonization that needs to be highly respected, adopted and implemented.

“No matter how beautiful your dreams are, you’ll have to wake up every morning and work towards it” States Malcolm X.

Indeed, Action is the point an individual reaches to put all what they have gathered throughout the aforementioned four stages to use, so that they can make a difference and give back to society and the world at large.

After going through the five stages, it is important then that we stop shifting blames and hold ourselves liable and accountable for the nigh catastrophic lives most in Africa live because we have refused to be the change we wish to see.

It is now time that we learn to speak and write our very own vernacular, dress in our own African fabric, uphold to our own norms and respect our culture and traditions, and most importantly be proud to call our native names everywhere we go.

Africa the world’s comfort zone.

There is more to the persistent negative portrayal of Africa by the western media than meets the eye. The westerners have a developed mindset that, wherever an African lives around the world, regard said continent as a lost entity filled with dying people, with no future and no hope.

It is on these points that African Philosophers need to teach the African Philosophy and strategically decolonize the Black mind because racism has become our next door neighbor.

Regardless, we must keep the faith and still believe that the bank of Justice has not been bankrupted.

Therefore, we are asking for a check for the creation of design Architecture, Architecture that only Africans can use their black inks for.

I’m of the conviction that Africa shall one day rise despite the odds arrayed against us, because together we TRULY can…
Oh! Yes we can.


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