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It’s time the running stopped

It’s time we started the final battle

It’s to win this war

It’s time they paid for what they have done

It’s time we showed them what we’re made of

It time they see the real power we hold

It’s time we stopped this endless fighting

It’s time we live our lives as we’re meant to do

It’s time we lead our people to freedom

It’s time to love freely once again

The time for prejudice is over. The time for excuses, no more. Its time to be united. Its time to achieve through the collective.

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Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante (FOKA)https://fokawrites.com
Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante is an avid reader, kopite, web designer/developer, journalist and sports writer. He is an art and poetry lover, whose favorite pastime is to watch his beloved REDS conquer all of England, Europe and the World. P.S. Not necessarily in that order.
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