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Monday, October 25, 2021

Stay Focused.

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In a world where we praise the multitasker, where devices with myriad functions are always considered superior, and where the ability to work from anywhere often means we never stop doing so, Focus is a skill too easily tossed aside and ignored yet essential if we are to make headway in our ventures and endeavours.

The reality is that when we try to juggle many tasks at once, we often never finish any one of them fully. We talk about doing many things and ultimately do very few, often leaving efforts unfinished or abandoned. We basically barely get anything done as a result of overstretching our body and mind.

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In an effort to be more productive, social, and informed (all at once), we most often than not rather end up slowing down, running in circles, and becoming more isolated and less informed than we ever were before.

So why don’t we just stop and take a breather? Why do we keep firing on all engines, even if we can tell we’re losing a sense of direction?

The result of multitasking on our everyday relationships is that we become only superficially committed to one another. The palpable social pressure governing our online communities often pushes us to abandon difficulty, rather than stick with tough tasks. It creates a certain disharmony between our Social media statuses and the actual reality within which we live.

Myself, I believe in the positive impact social media “can” have in the lives of millennials and the youth.

It is of importance, to come to the realisation that only someone who is healthy, happy, and focused can build relationships on trust and respect (of any kind really).

How often do we miss things along our paths because we’re distracted by other worries and concerns? Staying focused means being mindful, aware of, and awake to the world around you, and that can be a tall order in a world where we’re bombarded with one hundred new hours of YouTube content every minute together with a self imposed addiction to WhatsApp-ing, doing us no favours in our quest to be focused in life and her nuances.

There are a number of ways to start cultivating focus in your everyday life. One I personally love is actually a game where friends pile their phones face down on the table when out for dinner (whoever picks up his or her phone first pays the whole bill! neat right??).

Another one is when at least once a week, you try to institute a policy whereby. throughout your day you don’t answer any text messages or even check your phone (is that even possible?) when communicating with others.

Great gains are achieved when you focus on yourself—not the you projected on Facebook or Twitter but the you who emerges when you’re silent and unplugged.

Whether in your mind, in your neighborhood, or across the ocean, there are so many ways one can stay focused. Focus is the everyday ambassador’s antidote to multitasking pressures and the flagging commitment it perpetuates. This means developing habits to follow through with our ambitions—or simply setting realistic goals in the first place. In a world where we communicate in 140-character quips and goofy GIFs, we need to work harder if we are to keep our passion alive, and as well, when it comes to human interaction, we must be fully involved and focused to gain more from ourselves and life in general.

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Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante (FOKA)https://fokawrites.com
Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante is an avid reader, kopite, web designer/developer, journalist and sports writer. He is an art and poetry lover, whose favorite pastime is to watch his beloved REDS conquer all of England, Europe and the World. P.S. Not necessarily in that order.
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  1. A nice take on Focus and it’s importance in general. Combining Focus with Persistence is essential in any undertaking really.


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